Jefferson’s Threads
→Only Life
· Just a little song after not doing really…
Audio Review08-06-2008 · 08:55 PM
→Rocks on Bail
· Just a little something to make into…
Audio Review07-21-2007 · 05:30 PM
· I actually think I pulled of a reasonable…
Audio Review03-11-2007 · 11:38 PM
→The Bridge Tonight V2
· Well, I rocked this up a bit and removed…
Audio Review02-26-2007 · 08:39 PM
→The Bridge Tonight
· Oh...this is a bit of a horror…
Audio Review02-20-2007 · 11:37 PM
→Falling Down
· Just a little noodle with my new…
Audio Review01-24-2007 · 12:41 AM
→Take Me Away
· Just a little tune I made while exploring…
Audio Review11-26-2006 · 10:37 PM
· I finally got a bass. It's a new…
Audio Review08-20-2006 · 06:38 PM
→Running Down V2
· I took some of the feedback and improved…
Audio Review07-25-2006 · 06:48 PM
→If This Is It
· I think my voice is a bit better…
Audio Review06-07-2006 · 08:22 PM
· I bought me a new guitar, and this tune…
Audio Review06-07-2006 · 07:53 PM

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